I’m lying at the beach now, I’m soaking in the sun.
I’m looking at my angel, she is the only one
whose eyes confound me, whose love surrounds me
with each breath, with each golden moment that shines like the moon over Taormina.
Closing my eyes, looking only inside
at my Karin, my woman, my bride.
who serves a subpoena
that locks my arms behind my heart and tells me clearly we soon will start
a journey, a life full of hope and promise.
I love you, angel. My dreams are tossed
like the salad we ate upon the beach, like the memory so within reach
as now.


About michaelpoetry

I was born in Labrador (Happy Valley, to be exact ... isn't that a great place to be from?)
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One Response to Taormina

  1. KB says:

    I love you darling! its such a beautiful poem😊 read it today again😊

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