Keep your chin up, lovely one; tommorow brings again the sun.

Remember love is always with you; close your eyes, again I’ll kiss you

and lean upon me when you need. Your grace returns with silver speed.

The cloudy sky will part again; you’ll feel joy in your heart again.

The miles we walked, the times we talked of all our dreams are far it seems

and yet, a moment is all that is between us; a heartbeat, a look so sweet as the birth of venus.

I’m ever near, it’s oh so clear that you and I are like the sun … though clouds may keep us from our calling, when rain is falling, we are still one.

So, rest your head upon my shoulder, gently place your hand in mine; drink into your soul my love; I’ll kiss you sweet as clementine.

Wash away the dust of sorrow; splash in rivers of our bliss. I’ll keep you safe all your tomorrows; eternal lives my love like this.


About michaelpoetry

I was born in Labrador (Happy Valley, to be exact ... isn't that a great place to be from?)
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2 Responses to Eternal

  1. Always a beautiful poem~ how I wish you had all these desires Michael…It seems to me these feelings have turned to obsession and, that is dangerous dear~ It’s none of my buisness but, if you’re a God-fearing man, you’re forgetting the 1st commandment “thou shall love thy God with…etc… Be careful my friend ~ I care. Adoration belongs to God, no human~ Faithfully Deborah

    • Thank you for caring Deborah. I do not feel I am obsessed with Karin. Rather, I have faith in the power of love. I am holding on to my dream with all my heart. Best wishes, Michael

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